The Wager and Other StoriesThe Wager and Other Stories

Three stories of extraordinary science fiction comprise this collection, the first in the series of Jospar, the Starflyer. Author Greg Sushinsky has brought a unique touch and originality to his work which provides an unforgettable dimension of wonder, adventure and meaning. Join the many readers who have already entered and enjoy this world.

In a world that devalues creativity, writers stand in a courageous place.
--Greg Sushinsky

A simple story of a seemingly innocuous wager, which triggers the clash between a decorated starflyer and his planet's powerful ruler, that leads to startling events which will have dire consequences across the galaxies.
In his first commercially available science fiction work, author Greg Sushinsky begins the saga of Jospar, The Starflyer, and Kasceto, The Ruler.  
KascetoJospar is a starflyer, a space explorer of the first order.  He is a discoverer of new worlds, but one world in particular intrigues him more than others.  When Jospar's superior, Kasceto, insists on making a  wager involving this world, Jospar's life is forever changed. He is faced with a momentous decision.Jospar
In this science fiction story, you will see how a simple bet, the wager, leads to the dramatic events that force Jospar to risk everything.
Science fiction, short story, 4000 words, 11 printed pages
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The Wager

The saga of Jospar The Starflyer and Kasceto The Ruler begins.



Join Jospar on his journey -- As His Story Continues.



Roscoe pits Jospar against the dangerous Kasceto.