The Wager and Other StoriesThe Wager and Other Stories

Three stories of extraordinary science fiction comprise this collection, the first in the series of Jospar, the Starflyer. Author Greg Sushinsky has brought a unique touch and originality to his work which provides an unforgettable dimension of wonder, adventure and meaning. Join the many readers who have already entered and enjoy this world.

In a world that devalues creativity, writers stand in a courageous place.
--Greg Sushinsky

  • Writer at Work: Be Specific

        1. John had a horse. That sentence tells you something, but not a lot.      2. John had a stallion. We’re getting somewhere. That tells you what kind of horse it is, and should put a more vivid or at least specific image in your mind as a reader.  An expert on horses might go into more specifics and...

  • A Passion to Ride, A Passion to Race

    You head out on your Surly Pacer as the dappled sunlight glints off its shiny steel frame. You leave a day of work and those cares behind you as you pedal. Your body, slightly stiff from a day of holding itself up in office chairs while you hunched over a keyboard, begins to feel both looser and...

  • Dialogue: More Than Just Talk

    People talk. We’re always talking. If you go anywhere, you’ll notice people constantly talking. Our age of social media is just another form of talk; texting and talking on our phones, reading on our phones, reading what people are talking to us about. As an exercise, perhaps even a punishment, some...

  • We Ride With the Cicadas

    As you pedal through the heart of the town and head out of Oberlin, you’re immediately hit with a din, something between a buzzing and chirping, a crackling that grows louder and louder. At first I thought it was buzzing electricity, transmission from the municipal power plant as I rode past that....

  • When Writers Do Bad Things to Editors

    Mostly when writers do bad things, the main bad thing they do is write badly. But that’s not all of it. There’s a lot of related behavior that comes with writing badly that compounds what writers are doing, or not doing. In the article, “When Editors Do Bad Things to Your Book,” I highlighted the...

  • When Editors Do Bad Things To Your Book

    Okay, so you got that contract, you’ve worked long days and nights maybe taking in a bit more caffeine than you ordinarily would, and you’ve got that thing done. Your book  is a beast, a beast at times you hated but ultimately it’s a lovable beast, and you’re satisfied. Congratulations, you’ve...

  • If You’re Very Overweight

    If you are fifty or one hundred or more pounds overweight, you don’t need anybody to tell you what you want to do.  You want to lose that excess weight—permanently.  You want it to be the last time you have to do this.   You also know that before you undertake any serious weight loss program,...

  • Jordan Rules!

    (Sports Profile)   The Pride And The Passion Of The Game's Greatest Player, Michael Jordan. Originally appeared in Preview Sports NBA Basketball 1996-1997. Click to read  

  • Brett Favre, Serious About Winning

    (Sports Profile)   The personal trials of the great Green Bay quarterback and Super Bowl Winner. Originally appeared in Preview Sports Pro Football 1997 Magazine. Click to read

  • Tiger Burnished Bright

    (Sports Profile)   He is on the verge of establishing himself as the greatest golfer who ever played the game.  First published in Legends Sports Magazine. Click to...

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr., The Man in Red

    (Sports Profile)   The most popular driver in NASCAR carries on the Earnhardt racing tradition. Legends Sports Magazine, May 2007 issue Click to read

  • Rape of a City: The Moving of the Cleveland Browns

    (Sports Analysis)   The story of Art Modell's legendary civic treachery along with the city's impassioned response. Originally appeared in Preview Sports Pro Football 1996 Magazine. Click to Read

  • Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors (Vol. I): A Work of Majesty

    Book by Randy Roach, Review by Greg Sushinsky   Into the world of bodybuilding writing and thinking enters the heaviest of heavyweights, gravity comes not from its size or the number of pages, but from the quality of its content, the mastery of its author’s insight. All at once, this major work from...

  • Financial Articles

    Click to Read Financial Articles written by Greg Sushinsky for InvestorPlace, Wyatt Investment Research, Investopedia, Equities and others.  

The Wager

The saga of Jospar The Starflyer and Kasceto The Ruler begins.



Join Jospar on his journey -- As His Story Continues.



Roscoe pits Jospar against the dangerous Kasceto.